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Learning the Estonian Language

This website was established in the interest of sharing with others, the fascinating language of Estonia. We hope that this site can provide you with the information and practice you need to learn this unique language.

Our main focus is to provide audio narrated by native Estonian speakers.

Here, you will find pictures, stories and conversations, with accompanying audio (mp3 files), as well as interactive lessons. You can learn as you learned your own native language, by immersing yourself in spoken and written Estonian.

Navigate through the website and lessons with the arrows. Click the Tools icon to configure the audio output. Click the speaker icon to play the pronounciation of the text.

This site uses Cascading Style Sheets; the interactive lessons also use Javascript. It is known to work well with Firefox, but there may be some problems if you use IE7, Safari, or Opera. We would appreciate feedback from people using other browsers as well.